Welcome to HoopsoftheWorld, a blog about basketball, mainly Streetball courts and sneakers. This Blog features courts from all over the world as well as basketball kicks from the 90s to today.

Why a blog about streetball courts? Well, somehow Streetball courts fascinate me. They are like little concrete islands in the middle of our cities. A place to get away and just play the game we all love. Each court is also different if you look closely. There might be a different backboard or a different hoop or the court has a different size or floor. Some courts seem to be untouched whereas others are battered from countless games and dunks.
So when I find a new court I take a picture of it and share it with you. On my travels I always keep an eye out for streetball courts and over the years I’ve been to some pretty amazing courts. You will find most of them on this blog.

Like many other basketball players I have a weakness for sneakers. Especially basketball sneakers from the 90s. That’s the reason why you will also find some sneaker stories on hoopsoftheworld.com.


All pictures on hoopsoftheworld.com were taken by me. Rights belong to the author.