Rome, Italy

I was in Rome a couple of days ago and found this beautiful court. Must be one of the nicest courts I’ve been to so far. It’s situated on a little hill and sourrunded by a lovely park. The view over the city of Rome is pretty amazing. You can even see the world famous St. Peter’s Basilica from up there (see the picture below). I’m not sure who’s idea it was to put a basketball court into this lovely little park on the hill (definitely not a place where you would expect a lot of ball players) but it certainly was worth it from a basketball player’s standpoint.

This court definitely deserves our Hoops of the World stamp of approval. So if you ever happen to be in Rome make sure to check out this place. The park is called «Villa Balestra».


rome basketball court
rome basketball court
St. Peter's Basilica in the background
St. Peter’s Basilica in the background


One thought on “Rome, Italy

  1. I just got done playing 4 v 4 on this court. It was me (american) and 7 Chinese fellows who live and work in rome, who i met on the court. The park was bustling, kids were also playing soccer on the court.

    The view is great. The only downside is that the court is painted and is a bit slippery.

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