Nike Air Raid II

Nike Air Raid II

The 90s produced a lot of great basketball kicks. No doubt. Some of them were even designed specifically for the purpose of playing ball on the blacktop. While Converse gave us the Tar Max, Nike had its own Streetball Sneaker – the Air Raid.

The Nike Air Raid, designed by Tinker Hafield, debuted in 1992. The statement «for outdoor use only» on the back end of the shoe made it clear, that this sneaker was designed to take the abuse of playing on rough concrete. In 1993 the Air Raid II followed, utilizing a similar design. The Pair shown on the pictures is very rare version of the Air Raid II. The shoe features a wood grain-style midsole and the heeltaps say «no refs no wood», which tells you a lot about the rough pace on the Streetball courts. The crossing straps on the front of the shoe were another distinctive mark of the Air Raid.

So which Streetball sneaker do you like better, the Nike Air Raid II or the Converse Tar Max?

Nike Air Raid II
Nike Air Raid II


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