Rucker Park – NYC, USA

If you’re a Streetballer then you have to go to New York City, the mecca of Streetball. This city has produced more legendary Streetball players and stories than any other city in the world. And of course NYC is also famous for it’s countless Streetball playgrounds. Maybe the most iconic court and the heart of Streetball is the Rucker Park on W 155th Street in Harlem.

Legendary players like Dr. J and Earl “The Goat” Manigault used to play on the Holcombe Rucker Playground and even a lot of NBA stars have showed up at Rucker Park over the years to prove their skills on the blacktop. In 2011 Kevin Durant dropped 66 points here and made the crowd go nuts.

Needless to say that this legendary court gets our Hoops of the World stamp of approval.

Rucker Park NYC
Rucker Park NYC

Rucker Park

Holcombe Rucker Playground
Holcombe Rucker Playground


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